Family home - Morava


Quality and fidelity.

Feelings and emotions.

When a young, ambitious family comes to us with a clear request, our hearts fill with joy - we know that our goals and priorities for the whole project will be clearly set and we can dedicate ourselves fully to the task. Our project for the three-member family from Morava was like that. The head of the family was the father, but its heart was a young and fearless boy. This masculine factor is inevitably reflected in the project itself - in its soundness and feeling of luxury.

The interior is just a combination of white colors and wooden motives. This simple yet perfect combination, evoking feelings of fancy, is supplemented by a hint of gold, high-quality materials and honest, hard work from our side. The finishing line - the most important request - was to give the rooms feeling of airiness while keeping them fully functional and luxurious.

Creativity. Experience. Passion.

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