There are two kinds of dreams. Night dreams we often forget, but daydreams - they can make us ponder for days. We dream about better life, health, love, fulfilled wishes. For many of us, one of those wishes is to live and work in a better environment. In modern, enjoyable, distinguished and comfortable environment.

We are here for those dreams. Tailored commercial and residential environments with full service from the first visualizations up to the handover of your new keys. Keys to the new stage of your personal or professional life. We are a family business with more than 30 years of experience. You can trust us. We help you improve your life. Because your home or work environment is not a small part of your life.

We understand. And we will make your ideas real.

Lubomír Pánek
founder & CEO

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I was born in the last millennium Haná - in Prostějov. Sport and family have been important to me since young age. Even today, I still have lots of energy and I stick to my principles. I like work done well. Just like homemade meal. Our business is also a little bit like cooking - we mix ingredients such as proposals, possibilities and approaches, we let them stew in our heads for a while and at the end we put the cherry on top. Family business is not a walk in a park, it test our relationships. Yet, family is fundamental. And I always build on good foundations.

Tomáš Pánek
project manager

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I was also born in the last millennium, which I suppose you already guessed. We are one family, one blood. And while my dad is a realist with his feet on the ground, I am the company’s dreamer. While he is working on different projects, I am sketching my life with my beloved, as well as other great big dreams - about family, business and life. But my father has taught me not to keep my head in the clouds. I know that "family makes a state" and that togetherness and unity make it strong. That is why I make sure that we help and support each other so as to successfully finish every single project.



  • Complete implementation including any interior components

  • Complex approach - from the first idea to keys delivery

  • Floors, carpets, lighting, furniture and accessories

  • Wall refurbishment; drywall/plasterboard ceilings

  • Professional consulting, skilled staff with individual approach

  • Warranty and post-warranty servicing


  • Refitting, redesign, refurbishment or construction of new commercial venues

  • Complete building works

  • Complete shop utilities

  • Paperwork, documentation, licensing and permit acquisition

  • Construction and technical investor supervision

  • Warranty and post-warranty servicing and revising





Human understanding comes from communication. It is absolutely vital if we want to achieve success together. We want to understand your projects, not only we want to give you a helping hand, we want to be an integral part of your project and help to make your ideas reality. That is why the first step towards our work together is a personal meeting. There we outline what you want, what is your conception and discuss other necessary things, such as a time schedule.


In agreed time after the meeting where we defined your needs and expectations, we will prepare and send you our pricing proposal. After we agree on it, we will prepare complete project documentation of your intended project. We will send you the documentation according to schedule and will work with you on its precision until you are fully satisfied. The documentation can include 3D visualization among other things, and it is an important step that will guide our further work. We never underestimate this part.


We will not let you down when it comes to accessories. Whether it is a commercial or work environment, we are ready to fully furnish it. In cooperation with our partners we will provide the best accessories for your project and we will (of course) consult the choices with you. You will be able to pick from an array of floors, carpets, various lighting sources, tables, chairs, sofas ... and many other items that any home or work interior must have.


Final and the most important step. Unless you insist that you will do it all on your own, you can rely on us and you will not regret it! We will provide the construction realization from A to Z - including building reconstruction, coordination of works and craftsmen doing the work, up to installation of equipment, furniture and other accessories. You will just supervise so as to make sure that everything is to your liking. At the end you will receive the keys to your finished project.


Bringing your idea into reality is not the end of it. We really do mean individual approach from the beginning to the end. That is why we offer high-quality and professional post-warranty service for any project that we do together. Any time you have a problem or a request, we are here for you.

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Lubomír Pánek

Tomáš Pánek
Michaela Pánková
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